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Buy Vending Machines in India 

Get your ticket to phygital retail with a vending machine in India powered by Vendekin’s smart technology!

Why buy vending machines in India?

As a 24x7 sales outlet posing as a low-risk investment and potentially high returns, purchasing a vending machine might just be the ticket to better business. Whether you're looking to start a new business venture or expand an existing one, buying a vending machine in India can be a great way to generate active income and provide a valuable service to your customers.

And when you get a smart vending machine with the best vending machine management software that provides contactless payment options, remote management and in-depth analytical data, your business is sure to thrive in future!

Smart Vending Machines are Revolutionising Retail in India

Vending machines in India are fast gaining popularity in the evolving Indian retail landscape by providing a low-cost, futuristic and flexible option for businesses to reach consumers and meet their needs.

This includes smart vending machines acting as a new medium to advertise, unlocking new locations where traditional stores cannot reach, 24x7 product availability, quick and cashless payment transactions, remote management, easy refunds and many more such advantages which more than justify vending machine price in India

Apart from all the above advantages, a smart customised vending machine can offer a convenient and accessible way for consumers to purchase any possible product imaginable.

Advantages of Vending Machines for businesses and customers

Vending machine business in India comes with numerous benefits for every consumer and individual business. With machines ranging from a cashless coffee vending machine, typically found in office pantries, to a fully automatic vending machine which can be customised for a brand’s specific product mix.

A few key advantages are: 

  • Boost in sales

  • Increased product visibility & reach

  • Competitive advantage 

  • Greater convenience

  • Quick and secure transactions

  • Variety of products 

  • Cashless payment

  • Contactless, unmanned retail experience

  • Enhanced customer service 

  • Easy maintenance 

If you are looking to buy vending machines, now is the right time!

Advantages of Vending Machines for businesses and customers.webp

Key features to look for when buying a vending machine

Key features to look for when buying a vending machine.webp

From a touchless vending machine to the best vending machine management software, there are several features to consider before you buy a vending machine in India. Note that the price of your vending machine will depend on the features it has.

Here are some features to keep in mind while buying a vending machine: 

  • Capacity

  • Size & dimension

  • Customised payment options, whether cashless or traditional

  • Customisation options for product 

  • Security features 

  • Energy efficiency

  • Temperature control

  • Remote monitoring & management

  • Vending machine management software technology 

  • Durability & reliability

  • Vending machine type 

  • Data tracking & analytics

  • Maintenance & support offered

Customisation options available for vending machines in India

The most attractive part of having a vending machine in India powered by Vendekin is having a customised vending machine. Since businesses are looking to differentiate themselves and attract more customers, customisation of the machine with the best vending machine software becomes a necessary part of the vending machine business. 

Here are some of the common customisation options available in Vendekin-powered smart vending machine

  • Vending machine & app branding

  • Product selection

  • Product dispensing: hot or cold, cooked or uncooked etc.

  • Vending machine size & type

  • Payment options

  • Language options

  • Digital display 

  • LED lighting

  • Temperature control

  • Customisation vending machine software

Customisation options available for vending machines in India_edited.png
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