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vending management system in india

Retrobox: One Box, Many Possibilities 

A plug-and-play device that converts any vending machine or unattended kiosk into a digital vending machine. It takes less than 120 seconds to install and make any vending machine into a smart digitized device.


This patented technology eliminates the need for vending machine operators to buy any additional expensive hardware like a GSM telemetry device. Because the RetroBox uses Bluetooth to establish a communication network between the user's smartphone and the vending machine, without requiring any internet connection in the machine to process the transactions.


Through Retrobox, consumers get to experience touchless transactions on the machines and can vend multiple products at once. There is no requirement of installing an additional application or topping up your wallet! Our patented technology enables a smooth consumer experience even in low to no network areas.The Retrobox is linked to the backend vending management software vNetra. 

Product Key Features​:

Easy installation



Compatible with all sorts of vending machines/machines



Linked with a backend software vNetra for detailed analysis



Compact Device

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