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Vendekin Management Software: vNetra

How does vNetra benefit your business? ​

One touch business insight

Supply chain management 


Sales analysis 


Guided operator app


Interoperable with ERPs, CRMs & other softwares


Warehouse management

Create promotions

Seamless refunds

Credit point system

Loyalty programs

Customer lifecycle management 

vNetra is a Google-Cloud powered, GDPR compliant, AI/ML driven program that allows you to remotely track your sales and inventory anytime, anywhere.  It’s a complete vending machine management software that digitizes the machine. 

Product Key Features​:

Live inventory check

Live monitoring of transactions

Access refilling data

Monitor machine activities

Manage Inventory list

Download CSV reports

Create multiple users to operate machines

Access daily, weekly, monthly reports of sales, refunds, etc

Create unique promotions and offers

Raise tickets for day-to-day operational challenges

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