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Vendekin Management Software: vNetra

A complete vending machine software

Vending Management Software for Smarter Vending Operations

Vending management software (also known as vending machine software or vending software) is a software solution that can help businesses manage their vending machines more efficiently and effectively. It can be used to track inventory, manage vending machine maintenance schedules, as well as to generate reports and insights related to product sales and customer behaviour. This can make vending machine operations much smoother and even help save money that would otherwise be spent on repairs, malfunctions and missed opportunity due to low inventory.

Best Vending Software in India: vNetra

Vendekin’s vNetra is one such comprehensive vending machine software. vNetra is a Google-Cloud powered, GDPR compliant, AI/ML driven software that allows vending machine operators to remotely track sales and inventory anytime, anywhere. It’s a complete vending software that makes a vending machine smarter.

Features of Vending Management System

Vendekin's vNetra is a complete vending management system offering a suite of advanced features to help streamline the operations of any vending machine in India. Here are some key features:

Live inventory check

Stay in control of your vending machine's stock at all times. Monitor the number of products available, receive real-time data on specific racks and get alerts for low-stock racks. This can help in optimal stock management.

Access restocking data

For snack vending machines and more, our vending machine software provides insights into inventory levels and the last refill date.

Download reports

All data related to product, transaction, user and machines is available in easily exportable CSV reports. Apart from aiding day to day function, analysis of this data can provide valuable business and marketing insights.

Create unique promotions and offers

Utilise the wealth of data provided by the software to create personalised promotions and offers, enhancing your marketing efforts and customer engagement.

Live monitor transactions

Keep an eye on vending machine payments and sales transactions as they happen. Track which products are being sold in real-time.

Monitor machine activities

You can monitor the activities and performance of vending machines to minimise machine downtime.

Multiple user access

When you are unable to operate your vending machine, whether due to travel or other commitments, vending machine software allows you to assign operational access to trusted individuals.

Raise support tickets

Address operational issues promptly by raising tickets through the vending management software for any maintenance support.

Benefits of Vending Machine Software for Automatic Vending Machines

One-touch business insight

vNetra, Vendekin’s vending machine software, provides extensive data for different types of vending machines.Through the partner app, you can access comprehensive real-time, as well as, periodical data related to products availability, sales, location-based user behaviour and vending machine health. This data can provide rich business insights to help future decision-making and optimising of operations for your automatic vending machine.

Guided operator app

The software comes with a guided operator app that offers intuitive, step-by-step guidance for day-to-day tasks such as checking on restocking, machine maintenance and troubleshooting. This simplifies vending machine management even for new operators of our automatic vending machines.

Seamless refunds

Ensure customer satisfaction with vNetra's seamless refund process. In case of a vending machine issue or customer dissatisfaction, operators can initiate hassle-free refunds, enhancing consumer trust and loyalty.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Track and enhance the customer journey with vNetra's comprehensive vending management system. It provides valuable customer insights for optimum CLM.

Loyalty programs

Strengthen customer loyalty with personalised loyalty programs. vNetra allows operators to design and manage loyalty initiatives.

Supply chain management

Control your entire supply chain process with our comprehensive vending machine software. From inventory monitoring to restocking optimisation, vNetra software ensures that your vending machines are consistently stocked with the right products, reducing missed opportunities due to logistical challenges.

Easy integration with ERPs, CRMs & other software

vNetra software seamlessly integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and other third-party applications that your business already uses.. This interoperability facilitates data synchronisation, streamlines operations and enhances overall business efficiency, allowing you to leverage existing software investments.

Credit point system

Reward loyal customers and boost repeat purchases with the credit point system available through our vending software. It allows for easy setup and management of credit points, providing an attractive loyalty program.

Sales analysis

vNetra vending management software provides sales trends and top-performing product insights, that help in inventory adjustments. Detailed CSV reports offer data for strategic decisions.

Create promotions

Utilise vNetra’s data to create marketing strategies, offer discounts and run promotions. Personalised promotions works really well with customised vending machines where you can display personalised promotions to customers based on their history or location.

Ready to get started with vending management software?

  • 1. What’s the ROI on vending machines?
    The ROI depends on various factors like the vending machine cost in India, the type of product placed in the machine, its margin and average transaction amount. However on an average the ROI can be achieved in 18 to 24 months.
  • 2. What support does Vendekin offer?
    We provide end to end support to set up your vending business and continue to successfully manage your operations leveraging our technology.
  • 3. Can the vending machines be customised?
    Yes! Our vending machine can be adjusted as per one’s product/sku. The machines can also be branded with your logo/stickers.
  • 4. What payment options are available?
    Vendekin offers almost all online payment options UPI, Payu, Net banking, Credit Cards, Paytm, Sodexo, Zeta, Vendekin points.
  • 5. Do you provide sales and marketing support?
    Yes. Vendekin’s sales team helps with support to finding locations for your vending machines.
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