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Making your vending machines touchless, smart & more efficient.

Smart automatic vending machine in India

Upgrade your business by taking the store to the customer by selling your products using smart vending machines powered by Vendekin Technologies. With Vendekin's vending machines solutions like the RetroBox and vNetra, track product sales, manage inventory, monitor machine activities remotely and accept cashless payments. Your vending machines can be digitised and customised as per the needs of your business and the products you sell


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Smart Vending Machines

Amplify your products omnichannel sales and reach your consumers directly with touchless smart technology. Fully automatic vending machines that’s smart, customizable and can operate 24X7.



vNetra is a Google-Cloud powered, GDPR compliant, AI/ML driven software that allows you to remotely track your sales and inventory anytime, anywhere for your vending machine business In India. It is a complete vending machine management software that digitises the machine and makes it smarter.



This is an innovative plug-and-play device that converts any vending machine or unattended kiosk into a digital vending machine, enabling touchless mobile payments for consumers and a complete insight of your vending business.


Frozen Foods Vending Machine:

Elevend frozen vending machine with a touchscreen and vacuum glass for products like fruits, vegetables, meat and ice cream, powered by the RetroBox. It offers contactless digital transactions, accepts payments from almost all online payment platforms, provides backend inventory management and sales tracking/analysis through vNetra.

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Hot Food Vending Machine:

Elevend hot food vending machines with a touch screen panel, made with food-grade 304 SS and double-shelf hollow coating-toughened glass. Ideal to heat and sell ready-to-eat meals, microwaveable boxes and retort pouches. It is powered by the RetroBox, providing a contactless interface, digital payments and backend inventory and sales tracking and management.

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Packaged Goods Vending Machine:

Omnivend combo vending machine with a touchscreen panel and adjustable temperature control to keep beverages chilled and packaged snacks fresh. It also has additional storage space, LED-lit interiors and a contactless interface powered by RetroBox. Accepts digital payments from all online platforms and provides a panel for inventory management, sales management and analysis.

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Naturals Ice-Cream x Vendekin

 Vending frozen treats in a touchless manner

Naturals Ice Cream in Pune decided to explore a new mode of selling their top flavours through a Pick & Go vending machine outside their store in 2022, customised and powered by Vendekin's smart vending solutions.

The Elevend Frozen Machine vends ice creams through completely touchless and cashless digital transactions. Active 24X7, people can enjoy their favourite dessert even when the store is closed

Key Achievements: 

- Increase in ice cream sales post store's operational hours.

- Acquired more customers who would make purchases at night.

- Provided customers with easy access to the products.

- Plan to expand more machines to be installed in township.


Shaukeen Paan x Vendekin

Vending Paan through innovation

While pandemic-induced lockdown restrictions in 2021 continued to limit the operational hours of shops in India, Shaukeen paan shop decided to introduce the innovative paan vending machine outside their shop. The Elevend Machine, set up outside their shop in Pune, is customised and powered by Vendekin, providing a touchless interface for cashless transactions.

Key Achievements: 

- Increase in sale of paan post store shutdown

- Active sales even during the night, mostly from people working late-night shifts

- Received national-level coverage from media


We take pride in our numbers








Founded in 2016, Vendekin pioneered the digitisation and democratisation of vending with its patented disruptive technology for unmanned automated vending machines, micro markets and self-service kiosks. With multiple patents in the US, UK, EU and India, Vendekin is at the forefront of innovation and development in the unattended retail industry. Our hardware enabled SaaS platform for vending machines and unattended retail enables a smart unguarded retail ecosystem with a  touch-free approach powered by a mobile first interface.


Partners in Disruption


The onboarding experience with Vendekin was very smooth. Their team made it very easy for us to understand all aspects of the technology. With Vendekin-powered machines, all Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale products are now available 24X7 and as a result the sales have increased too.

Vedant Mungi

Head of Online Department,

Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale


  • 1. What’s the ROI on vending machines?
    The ROI depends on various factors like the vending machine cost in India, the type of product placed in the machine, its margin and average transaction amount. However on an average the ROI can be achieved in 18 to 24 months.
  • 2. What support does Vendekin offer?
    We provide end to end support to set up your vending business and continue to successfully manage your operations leveraging our technology.
  • 3. Can the vending machines be customised?
    Yes! Our vending machine can be adjusted as per one’s product/sku. The machines can also be branded with your logo/stickers.
  • 4. What payment options are available?
    Vendekin offers almost all online payment options UPI, Payu, Net banking, Credit Cards, Paytm, Sodexo, Zeta, Vendekin points.
  • 5. Do you provide sales and marketing support?
    Yes. Vendekin’s sales team helps with support to finding locations for your vending machines.



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