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Snack vending machine in india

Take a leap of success with the best Snack Vending Machine in India

Snack vending machine: New way to F&B retail!

Standing at malls, airports, parks, offices, gyms and every possible public space, every snack vending machine in India is changing the way F&B retail works.

From being accessible 24X7 to opening up unimagined locations for sales and from the possibilities of what kind of snack can be sold, to the diversity in transaction options made available, the dimensions for this are vast and varied.

Letting businesses enjoy a lucrative return on investment (ROI) on the vending machine price in India, snack vending machines are excessively becoming more popular and common!

Benefits of Snack Vending Machines By Vendekin


Valued at $51.91 billion (2021) and expected to rise with a CAGR of 10.7% (2022-30), the retail vending machine industry is a giant. This, when aided by the best vending machine software, gives snack vending machines in India a more lucrative push. Here is how:

  • Low overhead costs

  • Additional revenue

  • Better accessibility

  • Easy remote management

  • Immersive, interactive and memorable customer experience

  • Customisation available

  • Convenience and security of digital payment

  • Offers variety

  • Easy and effective maintenance

An attractive benefit for most retail businesses is that you can buy vending machines in India that are customised as per your snack product mix.

Types of Snack Vending Machines

From a cashless coffee vending machine to a smart vending machine for paan, a snack vending machine in India can be segmented under the following types:

  • Frozen : Suitable for products requiring severe cold temperatures (ice cream, yoghurt, meat-based items and other packed frozen food)

  • Refrigerated : Apt for cool temperature items to maintain their freshness. (cold drinks, juice, dairy products, vegetables\fruits, etc)

  • Ambient : Used for non-perishable products that need room temperature. (chips, namkeen, chocolates, etc)

  • Heating : They serve hot, ready-to-eat food items using an in-built heater/oven. (coffee, tea, soup, noodles, etc)

  • Combo : With refrigerated and non-refrigerated compartments it can vend a unique product mix. 

The different types of vending machines seen in the snacking industry can also be defined by the vending mechanism.

Due to advancements in technology, most vending machine businesses in India are opting for customised vending machines that enable them to sell multiple products in one interface.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Snack Vending Machine


If you are planning to buy a vending machine in India, there are many considerations you must take into account. These points may vary depending on the type of vending machine you opt for.

A few factors to keep in mind while buying a snack vending machine are:

  • Size and capacity

  • Type of snacks

  • Payment options

  • Machine specifications

  • Dispensing mode

  • Maintenance

  • Security and refund

  • Location

  • Brand reputation

Since snack vending machines in India range from cashless coffee vending machines to chips vending machines, it is important that you are absolutely clear about the product mix you want. This one consideration can alter everything from vending machine prices in India to its features.

Popular Snacks for a Snack Vending Machine

Presently vending machine businesses in India can vend any and every kind of snack, all thanks to the customisation and the best vending machine software. With that in mind, a snack vending machine in India can have the following snacks to vend:

  • Healthy snacks : Protein bars, fruits, salad, nuts, gluten-free items, etc

  • FMCG Packed items : Chips, namkeen, wafers, cookies, biscuits, popcorn, etc.

  • Dairy products : Flavoured yoghurt, cheeses, milk, etc.

  • Speciality snacks : Cakes, paan, pani puri, etc.

  • Frozen items : Ice cream, frozen pizza, meat-based products, etc.

  • Ready-to-eat (hot) snacks : Momos, cup noodles, soup, etc.

  • Beverages (hot and cold) : Tea, coffee, energy drink, soda, cold drinks, etc.


Ready to get started with a Snack Vending Machine?

vNetra_ the best vending machine software webp

To get the most out of your vending machine business in India, it is vital to maintain and service your snack vending machine. How? Get the best vending machine software - vNetra.

It is a software powered by Google Cloud, that utilises AI/ML technology, ensuring GDPR compliance, and enabling you to remotely monitor your inventory and sales from anywhere, at any time. With this, you get the following benefits:

  • Gain business insights with a single touch

  • Analyse your sales data

  • Easily integrate with ERPs, CRMs, and other software

  • Optimise your warehouse management

  • Streamline your supply chain management

  • Check real-time inventory and transactions

  • Access refilling data

  • Monitor machine activities remotely

Furthermore, you can access all these via multiple devices and profile logins only with Vendekin.

Maintenance and Service for Snack Vending Machines

  • 1. What’s the ROI on vending machines?
    The ROI depends on various factors like the vending machine cost in India, the type of product placed in the machine, its margin and average transaction amount. However on an average the ROI can be achieved in 18 to 24 months.
  • 2. What support does Vendekin offer?
    We provide end to end support to set up your vending business and continue to successfully manage your operations leveraging our technology.
  • 3. Can the vending machines be customised?
    Yes! Our vending machine can be adjusted as per one’s product/sku. The machines can also be branded with your logo/stickers.
  • 4. What payment options are available?
    Vendekin offers almost all online payment options UPI, Payu, Net banking, Credit Cards, Paytm, Sodexo, Zeta, Vendekin points.
  • 5. Do you provide sales and marketing support?
    Yes. Vendekin’s sales team helps with support to finding locations for your vending machines.
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