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Your Machine, Your Customer, Your Logo, Your App
Powered by Vendekin Technologies

Private Labelling vending machine in india

How does PRIVATE LABELING benefit your business?

Your own mobile app

Your logo


SDKs/API powered by Vendekin

Curated customer experience


Quicker go to market

Can integrate with existing apps

Vendekin's technology amplifies your brand value with a Private Labeled app or a Website application. With Vendekin’s patented technology and cutting edge solutions upgrade your brand strategy. The software and hardware of your machine will be powered by Vendekin, while on the front your customers get to see a customized machine with brand images and logos. Use our custom private labeling for vending machines, EV charging stations, laundromats, ticket collectors and more. ​As a brand, you can secure a competitive advantage as your organization positions itself as an industry leader by providing breakthrough technology. Private labeling also helps in long term brand building and fostering brand loyalty across the target audience.

Product Key Features​:

Your brand, logo all powered by vendekin

Better engagement with your customers

Features can be customized addition/removal

End to end support offered

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