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Snacks and Beverages
Vending Machine

Elevend combo vending machine with/without touchscreen

24/7 sales channel for your products, with  Vending machine.



  • Temperature adjustable between 4 to -25°C, keeping beverages chilled and snacks fresh.

  • Adjustable shelves as per the products being sold with LED-lit interiors.

  • Capacity to store 100 to 400 products and additional space for extra products.

  • Completely automatic machine with contactless interactive feature through QR Code.

  • All online payments accepted via UPI, Payu, Sodexo, PayTM, net banking and Vendekin Points.

  • Backend inventory management with online sales tracking and analysis.

  • Packaged beverage vending machine comes with an LCD screen to run ads.

Types of SKUs that can be placed: Snacks, any dairy beverages, sodas, energy drinks etc.

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