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Custom Vending Machine in India

Anything is possible when you customise vending machines

Custom Vending Machines: Personalisation at Your Fingertips

From hot food to cold ice creams, from t-shirts to toys, custom vending machines allow you to innovate for your product and personalise for the end-consumer. As the vending machine business in India grows, so too do the possibilities and of course the expectations! In fact, at Vendekin, we have customised a vending machine to sell Paan at a famous Paan shop in Pune and t-shirts at a mall in Pune.

Types of Customised Vending Machines

Apart from the ones we have done here at Vendekin, here are some other examples of customised vending machines in the market:

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Depending on your end-user’s needs and your specific objectives, a wide range of features are available in custom vending machines. Some of the features typically available are:

  • Product selection: Depending on the product there are various types of vending machines, which you can choose from and customise. These products can range from the usual snacks and beverages to electronics, toys, medicines and more customised vending machines for food items like panipuris, momos, ramen, sushi etc. 

  • Payment options: Depending on your end-user’s preference and other business factors, you can choose from various vending machine payment options such as cash, credit card, debit cards, UPI, wallets and so on. Most smart vending machines today provide QR codes as a way to initiate payments conveniently.

  • User interface: You can customise your vending machine's user interface with touchscreens, LED displays or interactive elements to make it more user-friendly.

  • Remote inventory management: Connect your vending management system with your customised vending machine to manage it remotely. This feature allows you to track product stock levels, predict restocking needs and help reduce downtime overall.

  • Data collection: Most custom vending machines, especially smart vending machines come fitted with the software and hardware data related to product, as well as, transaction, location and the user (with privacy guidelines in place). Apart from helping optimise inventory as mentioned above, this also helps in understanding customer preferences based on time, location and products better, helping with future marketing strategies.

  • Security features: Cameras and alarms can be added to help with security from theft and vandalism.

Features of Customised Vending Machine

Vendekin’s Process for Creating a Custom Vending Machine

  • Receiving brief: We consult with customers to grasp their vending machine vision and objectives.

  • Research for vending machines: Based on the customer brief, we research and identify the ideal vending machine to align with their goals.

  • Provide expert consultation: Our team offers expert advice on vending machine placement, selection and related inquiries.

  • Machine selection: Following discussions and legal formalities, we handpick the most suitable vending machine.

  • Customisation setup: Based on the requirements, we set about to customise the vending machine in both hardware and software. Some of our products like Retrobox and the vNetra app come in handy here.

  • Training and support: Once delivered, we provide comprehensive training on machine operations and backend management post-installation.

  • Customer success: Our 24*7 support ensures prompt resolution of any queries or concerns related to your customised vending machine, ensuring customer success.


Some More Benefits of Custom Vending Machines

  • Branding and design: To make your vending machine stand out visually, personalise its exterior with your brand's logo, colours and messaging. This will also help reinforce brand awareness.

  • Localisation: Once you have decided to set up a vending machine in India, you can adapt your vending machine's offerings to the interests and preferences of that particular population or geographic area. For instance, you could advertise your business in the native language of the region where one of your customised vending machines is placed.

  • Cross promotions: Offer cross-promotions through your vending machines, by working with other businesses or brands. This can help you reach new markets and market their goods.

  • Personalised offers: Based on a customer's preferences and past purchases, you can customise promotions and discounts. You can also offer deals to customers based on data-driven insights. Receiving offers that are specifically catered to their individual interests and needs not only improves the customer experience but also increases customer loyalty.

Ready to get started with a custom vending machine?

  • 1. What’s the ROI on vending machines?
    The ROI depends on various factors like the vending machine cost in India, the type of product placed in the machine, its margin and average transaction amount. However on an average the ROI can be achieved in 18 to 24 months.
  • 2. What support does Vendekin offer?
    We provide end to end support to set up your vending business and continue to successfully manage your operations leveraging our technology.
  • 3. Can the vending machines be customised?
    Yes! Our vending machine can be adjusted as per one’s product/sku. The machines can also be branded with your logo/stickers.
  • 4. What payment options are available?
    Vendekin offers almost all online payment options UPI, Payu, Net banking, Credit Cards, Paytm, Sodexo, Zeta, Vendekin points.
  • 5. Do you provide sales and marketing support?
    Yes. Vendekin’s sales team helps with support to finding locations for your vending machines.
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