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Making touch free vending machines efficient with the Vendekin web app

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

A mobile phone displaying the home page of Vendekin’s application

In the rapidly evolving world of retail business, touch free vending machines have become an innovative solution that combines convenience, safety and efficiency. Because of the rising demand for vending digitisation businesses are resorting to touch free technologies to improve customer experience. One such innovative solution is the Vendekin web app, created by Vendekin Technologies, which changes the way we interact with vending machines.

In this blog we will talk about the need for touchless vending, Vendekin’s web app, how to use it and how a touch free vending machine benefits.

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Understanding the need for touch free vending

Over the years. There has been a remarkable change in the role of money and the methods of payment. In today’s world, we have various convenient ways to make payments such as through mobile, debit cards and credit cards. However, it may surprise you to know that in 1997, Coca-Cola introduced a beverage vending machine in Helsinki, that allowed customers to make a payment via a simple text message!

Fast forward to the present day and now we have an innovative evolution in vending machines known as smart vending machine or touch free vending machine. These machines have gained traction in an era defined by hygiene and safety concerns. Equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, these machine allows for touch free vending machine transactions and offer a seamless and secure purchasing experience without physical contact.

Vendekin’s Google Chrome web application

With a focus on customer satisfaction, Vendekin remains at the forefront of vending digitisation and vending democratisation. Our continuous developments in offerings aim to revolutionise vending industry and enhance the overall experience for both operators and consumers. Through our touch free vending machine solutions, we strive to make the vending experience hygienic, convenient and secure.

In the direction of our vending digitisation efforts, we created Vendekin's exclusive Google Chrome web application, (which is available across the country) to provide customers with seamless and efficient touch free vending experience. By using Vendekin’s Chrome web application customers do not need to install a separate mobile app on their devices, making the entire process hassle-free.

Seamless interactions

With the Vendekin web application, customers can conveniently access our smart vending interface directly from their Chrome browsers. To vend any product through a Vendekin-powered vending machine simply visit and instantly engage with our touch free vending machine having a wide range of products.

Compatible with old devices

Our web application runs on Google Chrome, which guarantees compatibility with a wide range of devices and operating systems. This inclusion is a big step towards encouraging vending digitisation and opening up touch free vending alternatives to more people. Our online application ensures an ideal and uniform user experience for everyone, regardless of whether customers are using the newest smartphones or older-generation devices.

An image of a vending machine and a space to add your number.
Login screen of Vendekin’s web application

Enhanced user experience

User experience is a key focus of the Vendekin web application. Customers can easily navigate through the selections and make purchases with the user-friendly design and intuitive layout. The improved user experience encourages repeat business and increases consumer loyalty, which eventually boosts sales for vending machine operators.

Vending democratisation

By eliminating the need for specifications such as required to install a separate mobile app, we remove barriers to entry and extend touch free vending machine to a wider audience promoting vending democratisation. This flexible strategy enables people from many backgrounds and with various levels of technical skill to access and take advantage of the comfort and security of touch free vending.

Using Vendekin’s web application is easy

Experience the convenience of vending digitisation by following simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome browser and enter in the address bar

Step 2: Click on Scan QR and scan the QR code on the machine

Step 3: Choose one or more products that you wish to purchase

Step 4: Pay using any of the digital payment options at checkout

Step 5: Collect your purchase from the machine drop box

A banner with the words app less experience
Instructions to use the Google Chrome web application

With these simple steps, you can experience a seamless, convenient and hygienic vending experience, free from physical contact with the machine. This has become possible because of vending digitisation and the use of touch free vending machine technology. This touch free nature of vending machines has made them a go-to choice for various settings such as offices, airports and public spaces.

Now it's time for you to adopt smart vending machines, but don’t worry if you own a traditional vending machine. They are not yet obsolete. You can easily convert your traditional vending machine to a smart vending machine with Vendekin’s plug-and-play device Retrobox. Embrace the future of vending democratisation with touchless vending and have a secure purchasing experience.

Benefits of touch free vending machines

For customers

  • Convenience: As this touch free vending machine provides a variety of payment options it allows customers to make purchases quickly and make payments conveniently. Especially convenient in high-traffic areas where people are short of time.

  • Hygiene: The main benefit of this smart vending machine was less risk of contamination as you do not need to physically touch the cash or the vending machine. Now you can pick your favourite snack from a snack vending machine without worrying about hygiene.

For business owners

  • Lower costs: This machine reduces the cost for business owners as it eliminates the need for manually handling the cash or looking for a change.

  • Analysis of data- Vendekin’s vending machine management software vNetra allows vending machine owners to track and analyse inventory as well as sales data.

  • Enhanced security: By minimising the necessity for handling cash and removing the possibility of using bogus cash this vending machine can also increase security.

To conclude…

With its mission since 2016, Vendekin Technologies is a pioneer in vending digitisation and we are moving one more step closer to vending democratisation in unattended retail. With its patented disruptive technology for unmanned automated vending machines, micro markets and self-service kiosks and presence in 16 countries, Vendekin a digital platform enables an intelligent vending ecosystem for buyers as well as sellers.


How does a touch free vending machine operate?

A touch free vending machine operates by utilising advanced sensor technology thatdetects human gestures or motions, enabling people to make selections without actually touching the device.

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