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Why vending is perfect for India at the moment?

Updated: May 1, 2023

Knock Knock!

Here is an opportunity to upgrade your business with the smart vending machine in India. Whether you require a classic snack vending machine or a specially customised one, it is the perfect moment to invest in cashless vending machine solutions.

But, why now and how? To answer this, we have to stride back a few years from today.

Vending machines were introduced decades ago with the aim of providing a way for consumers to access essentials, even during closed hours and businesses to expand their wings even to remote areas without having to invest heavily in brick and mortar stores.

Naturally, in no time they gained popularity all across the world and this was clearly mirrored in figures and stats. A report in 2018 mentions the worth of the global vending machine market is expected to reach $5.4 billion by 2023. However, by 2022, the same market size reached US$ 19.5 Billion!

This makes the smart vending machine industry a walking giant in the retail sector. But once again, if the industry is only to grow in the coming future, why buy smart vending machines now?

Your answer awaits below.

The Current State of the Vending Industry in India

When it comes to vending machines in India, they are mainly found in coworking spaces like offices and a few limited public spaces like airports and malls. However, currently, this has extended to local kirana shops, supermarkets and even housing complexes.

As a result, the industry is expected to witness a growth of 8.7% CAGR during 2020-26. With the element of smarter and more sophisticated vending machine solutions, the growth of phygital markets is pacing up.

Therefore, this generation is always looking for simpler and faster ways of getting what they want. Explaining why they chose to leapfrog from the fixed-line technology of the 20th century and move straight to the mobile technology of the 21st century.

For instance, with the complete shift from retail shops to online shopping over apps. This shift was so huge, that India overtook major countries in the world, and evolved as the second-largest market in the world for app downloads.

Another reason to invest in vending machines in India comes as the UPI transactions almost doubled in just one year, summing up to 8 billion transactions in Q2 2021. That’s where the steadily increasing popularity of automated vending machines comes in.

And with the aid of customisable solutions, these smart cashless vending machines are now available for a wider range of businesses from t-shirts to paan and hot beverages to ice creams. Present everywhere, automated vending machines bring a lucrative option to manage and cater to the present latent demand.

The growing prominence of smart vending machines

While there has been a visible change in the status quo of vending machines in the country, what exactly makes these machines an enticing proposition for urban India? Or simply put, what is the growing prominence of smart vending machines?

The New age Consumer Faction

As mentioned previously, evolving consumer behaviour and lifestyle need evolved and smarter solutions. They require instant gratification along with easy access and inclusive nut touchless interaction.

All of these factors make vending machines in India the befitting solution when they are supported by smart vending technology.

Simplify Cash Management

Secondly, as payment options are digitised, the vending industry in India is following up. And the winner among them is the appless transaction models as provided by Vendekin. The end consumers can make a single payment for multiple items without the need to download any extra app with smart cashless vending machines. All this adds to the convenience of the modern-day consumer, meaning more business opportunities in the micro market.

Efficient Remote Management

Clearly from a business standpoint, with smart vending machine solutions like Vendekin’s vNetra, you can effortlessly manage and monitor all your vending machines remotely. This helps in saving cost, manpower and other resources and secures the machine from unattended issues with its smart alert and notification system.

With this and many more features like inventory checking and transaction details, businesses are able to thrive in the growing smart vending machines industry.

What Lies in the Future of the Vending Industry in India?

What the future beholds is no longer a mystery. With AI-driven smart vending machine solutions in India, businesses can get descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Based on the recurring patterns and data collected by smart vending machine software, businesses can develop and alter their business strategies based on the insights and suggestions the machines provide.

Resulting in more sales through the right channel in the right location. Additionally, vending machine operators can utilise the same data for more efficient inventory and operational analysis.

As for the consumer, the vending industry in India promises more variety of products available at multiple locations, ease of payment via the scan, select and pay method, seamless and inclusive retail experience, instant gratification and increased satisfaction.

Reports from IMARC Group suggest a rise in the development of reverse vending machines (RVM), increased consumer spending power, a rise in the popularity of cloud-enabled smart vending machines, and prescriptive analysis are few of the upcoming trends in the vending industry in India and worldwide.

Some frequently asked questions answered

Q1. How to use a smart vending machine?

A. To use a Vendekin-powered smart vending machine, all you need is to scan>>select>>pay.

Scan the QR code on the machine it will direct you to the machine product interface displaying all the items. Here select and move to the cart the items you want and proceed to pay. Select your preferred payment gateway and make the transaction.

Q2. How to know when to refill the vending machine?

A. With Vendekin you get an automated alert about the vending machine inventory status on vNetra (our AI-based cloud vending machine software).

As per this you or your operator can plan your refilling trip in advance and save up on logistic costs, time, energy and much more.

Q3. Is vending business profitable in India?

A. Indeed. Rather it is the best moment to venture into the smart vending machine industry with Vendekin.To know more reach out to us at

In Conclusion,

The vending industry in India is projected to record an affirmative growth majorly owing to the amplifying number of product types that will be sold through vending machines in the coming years.

Making the moment perfectly ripe to venture into the vending industry and enjoy the sweet profit in the future when the industry will be at its fullest.

For more such details and future prospects in the vending industry call +91 9555712713 or email


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