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Vendekin & Instor India partner to produce Sanitizer Vending Machine.

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Vendekin Partners With Instor India to Produce Hand Sanitizer Vending Machine

Vendekin Technologies, a Pune-based company has introduced its smart vending technology to dispense hand sanitizers and other hygiene products through vending machines with minimal contact. Vendekin pioneers in intelligent vending technology and has partnered with Instor India, leading retail fixtures manufacturer and exporter, to manufacture innovative automated smart vending machines for dispensing hand sanitizers.

The fully automated machine could prove to be a vital measure in efforts to curb the spread of contagious diseases, as it provides an easy way to maintain basic personal hygiene and protect against infections. The sanitizer dispensing machine is ideal for use in crowded public spaces such as schools, colleges, malls, offices, IT & Business Parks, Airports, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Hospitals, etc. Speaking about the collaboration, Mr. Manu Sharma, President, Instor by Kider India Pvt. Ltd., highlighted, “We could see the need to contribute as a socially responsible corporate and our manufacturing capabilities along with Vendekin’s deep domain technology enabled us to develop an intelligent sanitizer vending machine equipped with digital payment and touch-free dispensation. We are extremely thankful to Vendekin, as quick and swift actions like these can have a huge impact and can safeguard the health and safety of our country’s citizens.” Instor India is India’s most trusted brand for display, storage and movement solutions and is the largest manufacturer and exporter of retail fixtures in India. In the increasingly competitive market, the brand has established its foothold with its unique customer-centric approach and presence in a plethora of sectors.

Speaking about the latest introduction, Mr. Aroon Khatter, Founder & CEO, Vendekin Technologies, highlighted, “To enable citizens to have ‘just in time’ seamless 24/7 access for personal hygiene products is the need of the hour. We view this challenge as an opportunity for us to use our technology for the greater good and this drives our entire team at Vendekin to work overtime to deliver this at the earliest. We are grateful to have a committed partner like Instor, driven by Mr. Sudhir Mehta and Mr. Manu Sharma who have given this project a high priority considering the situation.”

Vendekin Technologies, founded in 2016, has been a pioneer of the digitisation and democratisation of vending with its patented disruptive technology for unmanned automated vending machines, micro markets and self-service kiosks. With presence in 4 countries – India, UAE, UK and the US, Vendekin is a digital platform that enables a smart vending ecosystem for buyers as well as sellers. Instor and Vendekin have been working closely since 2017 on developing unmanned retail solutions and vending machines. Their aim is to first provide self-service unmanned retail solutions to grow the V-Commerce ecosystem in India and globally, and then diversify and provide unmanned retail solutions to all industries with ‘vendable’ products. V-Commerce is a term coined by Aroon to denote ‘vending machine commerce’. Vending machines now also known as V-Commerce with $22 billion have been a fair contributor to global FMCG sales. In India, V-Commerce has been growing by 35%+ CAGR for the last 5 years as against a 14% CAGR globally.


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