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US vending machines to use Vendekin Technologies’ smart tech

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Vendekin Technologies, a Pune-based vending machine digitisation and unmanned retail solutions start-up, is all set to make American vending machines smarter.

SandenVendo America, a global vending machines manufacturing company, will be incorporating Vendekin’s intelligent vending machine controller across its various models.

Aroon Khatter, founder and CEO, Vendekin Technologies, said after the Covid-19 outbreak, the need to reduce touch-points for a consumer has been driving demand for a mobile, touch-less and app-less experience across unmanned retail. “Consumers wish for a seamless, cashless mobile experience at vending machines but do not want to download new apps onto their phones,” Khatter said. The company has in response developed seamless, cashless, touchless mobile checkout at unmanned kiosks without the need for an app.

According to Khatter, SandenVendo has around one lakh vending machines in the US and five lakh machines around the globe. Older machines will be modernised to enable them to accept mobile touchless payments, Khatter said.

Vendekin’s contactless smart vending technology now has a presence in six countries: India, UAE, the UK, the US, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Dallas-based SandenVendo is now part of Japanese Sanden Corporation and has a wide variety of vending equipment.

Mike Weisser, CEO, SandenVendo America, said, “The way we pay for things has evolved exponentially over the last decade. Consumers want a fast, convenient, and secure digital transaction. Vendekin’s solution does just that. The necessity of downloading another app, opening an account, and sharing one’s personal information is the opposite of fast, convenient and secure. We believe this will encourage customer purchases, and broaden the number of users.”

The Intelligent Vendekin Retrobox is a plug-n-play device that can fit into any traditional vending machine, without the need of 4G/5G, upgrading it to a smart, touch-less vending machine. Smartphones can be used to select and pay for up to five products in one transaction, reducing physical contact by about 95%. It is compatible with all MDB versions, working in tandem with all cash acceptors/ card readers with a dual cashless feature.

Data is ported wirelessly into any existing VMS. The Vendekin VMS covers entire vending operations, managing purchase orders, warehouse inventory, automated machine planograms, pricing, automated service tickets and cash management. There is also a dedicated operator app that allows operators to get key insights and data on the go. Users have the convenience to make mobile transactions by just scanning a QR code with their camera on their smartphone.


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