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Vending machine business

We integrate our smart vending solutions and enhance revenue with your Vending ecosystem

Vendekin’s suite of digital vending solutions is created to make your vending business SIMPLE, SMART and SEAMLESS.


Vendekin is a digital aggregator platform that enables a smart vending/unmanned retail ecosystem with a touch-free approach powered by a mobile first interface. Our products are designed and developed with an holistic approach to help any individual, brand or business looking to succeed in the unmanned retail and vending industry. 


Vendekin offers a wide range of vending technology solutions disrupting the unattended retail sector and also offers touchless vending solutions to transform existing equipment into unmanned digital retail micro stores.

Our Products

Vending machine business

Adding a technology booster shot for higher sales and profitability!

Vending machines and unmanned kiosks are essentially automated points of sales. With everything moving to mobile and cashless, if you are not accepting seamless mobile cashless payments at your machines/kiosks you are potentially losing an extra 20%+ in sales!


The global mobile payment market size was valued at USD 31.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.8% from 2021 to 2028.


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Vending machine business

Setting up a new vending business just got simpler!

We understand the difficulties that come with starting up a new vending business and also ensuring sustained profitability for existing vending operators.


High sales of products and high gross profit margins on products are key to a successful, profitable vending business.


Vending machine business

Your private labelled app/ webapp powered by Vendekin’s technology in the background!

Private Labelling enables you to have your logo and brand on all your consumer digital user interfaces and leverage in the background Vendekin’s proprietary technology to power the solution!


Imagine an end to end vending machine or unmanned kiosk experience. From a physical machine & kiosk to the mobile, you get an unparalleled digital consumer experience all with your company branding and logos.


Vending machine business
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