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Advertising with vending? All you need to know including vending machine prices in India.

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Imagine placing an ad that pays for itself by generating an instant sale.

That is precisely why small businesses are beginning to account for the vending machine price in India as marketing costs. Because smart vending machines are increasingly acting as an advertising portal for multiple companies across 65,00,000+ potential locations in 500 Indian cities.

And once you opt for advertising through vending machines, you can also earn through this ad aka automatic vending machine.

Interested? Then this guide on how to turn your vending machine into a marketing tool is all you need.

How Do Vending Machines Advertise Your Brand?

Modern businesses are seeking advertising platforms that produce the highest ROIs while attracting maximum eyeballs and keeping customers engaged. Vending machines do just that!

This is mainly due to their ability to act as an advertising medium in the following ways:

  1. Body Advertising

  2. Display Screen Advertising

  3. Goods Display Advertising

  4. Mobile Payment Advertising

Body Advertising

One of the simplest and most often used ways of advertising via automatic vending machines includes using its body to display the brand name, logo, products, themes, mascot and even colours.

 Custom automatic vending machine | Powered by Vendekin

The result? Stronger brand recall value among the end-consumer and the vending machine becomes easily identifiable. For instance, Coca-cola vending machines have the iconic red colour of the brand making them easily identifiable even among the densest crowd.

Along with its smart vending solutions, Vendekin also provides customised labelling on the vending machine’s body.

Display Screen Advertising

Nothing is more satisfying than having a vending machine with the best vending machine software that at the same time acts as a marketing medium.

This gets better with vending machines that hold a digital display. The screen displays video or static ads that attract end-consumers and keeps them engaged. With aesthetically appealing pictures and engaging audio video, these displays give the brand more creative agency to impress and delight the users.

Display screen advertising with vending machines is commonly used in the USA, Japan, and China and is changing the marketing landscape in India now.

Vendekin can help you customise your vending machines as per your product specifications, vending style and any other requirements.

Goods Display Advertising

This model takes us back to the basics of advertising with a twist of digital interactions. As the name suggests, goods display advertising aims at promoting the products placed inside the vending machine.

What is interesting is that a business can leverage the same in multiple ways:

1. Using a display screen

A display screen attached to an automatic vending machine can be utilised in many ways, one being a product display screen. This will allow you to showcase all specifications of the products in detail and help the customers decide what they want.

This however will add to the vending machine price in India and may not be suitable for all business sizes. The web app alternative is a more popular and cost-effective alternative.

SDKs/API powered by Vendekin

2. Custom-made web app

Vendiekin’s Private Labelling service comes with multiple benefits. For starters, your end-consumer need not download a special app just to interact with your smart vending machine.

That is the power of the best vending machine software, where you can just scan a QR code to select the product and access all its details. This way of product advertising is highly effective and budget-friendly.

Additionally, with Private Labelling, you can also get a tailor-made mobile app with the brand logo, colours, theme, product details and all kinds of app customisation to help build a stronger brand recall and a more enhanced consumer experience.

Expert Tip: Use smart vending machines to direct end-consumers to your website.

Mobile Payment Advertising

While the consumer proceeds to make the payment, specific product displays, offers, personalised recommendations or any other form of advertising, can increase customer involvement and interactions. This is how mobile payment advertising works with smart vending machines.

As discussed in the point above, the Private Labelling solution provided by Vendekin helps build a custom web app for the brand. An extension of it is access to a cashless payment gateway with an enhanced interface and easy-to-load web application.

With Vendekin, it is possible to highlight any offers or discounts provided specifically for a vending machine and even integrate an existing app.

Cashless Vending Machine | Vendekin

Those were the top ways vending machines advertise to attract more consumers to your vending machine.

Benefits of Automatic Vending Machines for Advertising

By adopting a vending machine as your selected means of marketing, you unlock the following benefits as a business:

1. Cost-effective

Vending machines can advertise themselves and with more advanced vending machine software, there are now more effective ways to do the same with next to no overhead cost of marketing.

2. 24X7 availability

Whether you choose classic body advertising or digital mobile payment advertising, the vending machine will advertise your brand at any given point of the day. Moreover, with an enhanced user experience, the best vending machine software ensures more inclusive participation of the end consumer.

3. Saves resources

When a smart vending machine markets your business, you save time and money that would go into hiring a separate branding team. This is another reason, automatic vending machines are becoming very likeable among small businesses.

4. Easily customisable

Whether you need hardware customised or a private web application or want to integrate your vending machine into an existing app it is all possible with Vendekin.

5. Easily accessible

Access newer spaces for advertising your brand while vending machines drive more sales. This is the additive benefit of utilising vending machines as a marketing medium, you can expand to new spaces that are closer to your consumer. E.g. housing complexes, gyms, parks, etc.

On the other hand, Vendekin’s vNetra, the best vending machine software, in India helps you access and monitor the results of your marketing strategies including discounts offered, the highest-selling products, the user database and more.

In Conclusion

With more sophisticated AI and vending solutions, vending machines will offer a lot more than just vending services. Making the market more competitive, especially for local businesses, many among them have already begun to leverage smart vending machine solutions to aid their businesses in multiple forms. And advertising is just one of them.

If you are looking to upgrade your business with automatic vending machines, then Vendekin’s smart vending machine solutions are here to make your process effortless and seamless. Just drop us a hello at or call +91-9555712713 for all your queries including the price of a vending machine in India


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