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Vendekin introduces its new web app feature to make touch-free vending machine transactions more con

In addition to our mobile application, we are proud to introduce our all new Vendekin- Google Chrome exclusive web application now available at major Airports and Metro Stations across the country. Now to vend any product through a Vendekin powered vending machine you just have to visit from your chrome browser. Our smart vending interface will now open in your Chrome Browser through which you can scan the QR and make multiple cashless vends at a time without the hassle of installing a new app on your device. This makes our interface now available even on older generation smartphones.

Steps for an App-less experience:

  • Step 1: Open Chrome Browser and enter in the url

  • Step 2: Scan QR Code on the machine

  • Step 3: Choose one or more products

  • Step 4: Pay using digital payment options

  • Step 5: Collect your purchase from the machine

With our mission to digitize and democratize vending and unattended retail, We move one more step closer with the launch of our App-less experience. Vendekin Technologies, since 2016 are pioneers in the digitisation and democratisation of vending with its patented disruptive technology for unmanned automated vending machines, micro markets and self-service kiosks. With a presence in 16 countries, Vendekin is a digital platform that enables a smart vending ecosystem “VCommerce” for buyers as well as sellers.

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