5 Myths About Vending Machines Busted!

The convenience of vending machines cannot be denied. Going together with the Digital Era, vending machines are a quick way for consumers to get a meal or even gold! In fact, it is estimated that the value of the vending machine market is expected to cross USD 30 billion by 2024. This market is inclusive of vending machine manufacturers and consumers.

Even then, with more than 4.6 million vending machines just in the United States, there are some people that are hesitant to use vending machines. The sole reason for this is the multiple myths surrounding the vending industry. While some of them have a hint of truth, most of them are simply based on bizarre logic and misinterpreted facts.

A prime example of this is one myth that states that vending machine kill more people than sharks every year. On July 4th, 2003, Reuters’s headline read, “Vending machines kill, sharks don’t”. A more recent study conducted by NEISS showed that between 2002 and 2015, vending machines killed roughly four Americans per year.

But, are vending machines deadlier than sharks?

While the study is true and legitimate, it is not entirely accurate. Upon further analysis, it was revealed that this study is not solely based on deaths caused directly by vending machines. Essentially, if a person was interacting with a vending machine in some way when they died, it’s been included in the study. For example, in 2015, one of the ‘deaths’ reported in this study is a 43-year-old man who pulled his back while bending down to get his soda. Most of the cases in the study are around this premise.

So, vending machines are deadlier than sharks; that’s a myth busted!

Similarly, we have shortlisted 5 myths about vending machines that are not true at all!

#Myth 1: Vending Machines Just Store Unhealthy Food

With long working hours and barely enough time to get a decent meal, most people are looking to find a balance between work and health. In such a situation, vending machines should be the ideal solution. But the myth that vending machines only serve unhealthy snacks causes people to refrain from taking advantage of this mini store. But, is this true? The latest trend in the vending industry currently is being health conscious. With the introduction of the latest technology, vending machines are now able to store fresh fruits and vegetables, along with gluten-free and even vegan products. Moreover, even governments are understanding the importance of storing healthy foods. A lot of states and municipalities in the US have been considering policies that strongly regulate what types of foods are stored in vending machines.

#Myth 2: Vending Machines Require Exact Change

Many people refrain from using vending machines because of the misconception that they need exact change to purchase goods from the machine. However, with new vending solutions like that of Vendekin, you can now pay with your smartphone! It’s as easy as connect, select, pay & go!

#Myth 3: Vending Machines Store Stale Food

Another reason why people refrain from using vending machines is that they believe the food is stale or old. After all, they aren’t aware of when the food was stored in the machine. While logical, this statement too is simply a myth. Vending business owners are extremely careful about the products they display, after all, it is a matter of direct revenue for them. With the help of the Vendekin operator app, they keep regular checks of when they added food products to the machine, their expiration date, and their current status. Moreover, a consumer who is connected to a vending machine via the Vendekin consumer app can review the nutritional value of the products along with its expiry date before purchasing the product. Once they are completely satisfied, they can pay for the product and if there are any concerns regarding the product, they can raise a concern with the operator using the app itself!

#Myth 4: Products in Vending Machines are Expensive

With so much technology integrated, the prices of products in vending machines are sure to be high, right? Wrong! While it’s true that retail goods like snacks do cost a little bit more than what you get in the shops. However, the difference is extremely minute. Moreover, making a direct comparison for other goods like fresh food and drinks is close to impossible as they are unlikely to be available elsewhere. Hence, these products are sold based on MSRP basis, where the cost determined by the manufacturer is applied. In order to make sure consumers actually purchase products from their vending machines, vending business owners are extremely careful to ensure the products are not overpriced and are in line with the competition.

#Myth 5: Vending Machines Have Fewer Product Options

Vending machines have snacks and beverages. Here’s the biggest myth of them all. The variety available in today’s vending machines is unbelievable. Right from fresh foods, vegan foods and unique types of beverages, to make-it-yourself pizzas, cupcakes, gold, and even cars, all of this is available in vending machines! So, what are you looking for? It most likely is available in your nearest vending machine!

So that’s it! Our list of common vending myths, busted! One thing common in all these myths is the fact that all of these were true at one point. Traditional vending machines did store unhealthy food, require exact change, store stale food, were costly and had very limited options. However, making optimal use of advanced technology, vending machines have overcome all these challenges and have become the answer to today’s fast-paced life!

If as a vending machine manufacturer or a vending machine operator, you are still facing some of these challenges with your traditional vending machine, contact Vendekin and give your existing machine an upgrade today!