5 Creative Vending Machines That Make Life Better for Everyone

Updated: May 23

Vending machines are slowly but steadily becoming part of an intensive distribution strategy for brands. With the convenience, they are able to provide to the consumers, especially smart vending machines-there are over 6 million vending machines in the U.S alone. Moreover, a vending machine enables a company to sell more products in one location without having to bear the costs of traditional real estate expenses. It is due to these reasons that vending machines have become a leading player in unmanned retail.

But there’s more!

Creative Vending Machines are used as excellent branding tools. Hence, there’s a strong advertising value while using creative vending machines. Especially when it comes to unique products, if placed in the right location, a vending machine can not only help sell your product but also create a buzz and increase customer loyalty toward your brand.

Here is a list of 5 such smart vending machines which not only blew away the minds of consumers but also helped the business see tremendous success!

Cause Coke Has The Licence To Kill… With Adventure Of Course!

The train passengers in Antwerp, Belgium were in for a happy surprise when Coke gave them a chance to “unlock their inner 007”. During the release of the last James Bond movie, Skyfall, Coke launched a new vending machine that gave a chance to the commuters to win exclusive tickets to the movie. However, to obtain these tickets, they had to complete a series of Bond-Esque challenges in less than 70 seconds. Talk about putting the customer on “the spot”!

Cause You’re Never Too Old For Legos!

Did the train gets delayed? Eh, make your train! While this is a joke, the Lego vending machine located at the Munich train station in Germany is not. You can either buy a complete set or some parts of it from this vending machine. So, be it for you to while away time or to distract your child on the commute home, this machine appeals to multiple target audiences. However, to use the machine, customers would have to travel to Germany as it is only available there.

Cause Cool Drinks Are The Best For Heat

Picture this, you’re at an amusement park on a warm day, and you’re walking around while the sun is right above your head. What wouldn’t you do for a cool glass of lemonade on such a day! Limon and Nada are here to make that a reality! These companies have set-up multiple vending machines at selected water and amusement parks. These vending machines adjust the price of the lemonade, depending on the outside temperature. The vending machine is equipped with mercury that is used to track the temperature. When the mercury rose, the prices dropped! Pretty cool, huh!

Cause It’s The Trend of DIYs

If Germany has its Lego vending machine, Chicago is not far behind with its DIY toys vending machine. There is a vending machine that gives its customers to create a toy, which can be customized the way they want. A collaboration between Squibbles Ink and Rotogufi toys, this DIY toy vending machine is unique, and it’s a great way for these two companies to capture customer attention and increase brand loyalty.

Cause Nature Needs Saving…NOW!

We all hear and watch stories of plastic and litter around cities and its harmful effects on the environment. A company in Istanbul, Turkey, has decided to act, instead of just complaining. Not just clearing the litter, but also taking care of nature’s animals, this vending machine has gathered a lot of love in a short time. These vending machines let you deposit empty plastic bottles that will then dispense food for stray dogs and cats. What a great idea that gets two birds with one stone!

Cause Reading Never Goes Out Of Style!

There are many bookstores you can visit where you’ll get intoxicated by the smell of freshly packed books. But, what if you’re an avid reader who wants to read as many books as possible. Then, this vending machine is perfect for you! Located in Canada, this vending machine promotes reading by letting you choose one or deposit one book at your leisure. It’s way better than letting another book gather dust on your bookshelf!

There you go! One thing that’s common between all these interesting vending machines is that they are consumer-centric. You too can make your creative vending machines convenient for consumers and increase your vending machine business with the help of our vending machine solution. Contact Vendekin today to know more!