Vendekin participates in Vendex North 2017 held at Manchester United on 7th Nov 2017


Vendekin Technologies Inc. ( an end-to-end Intelligent Vending Technology provider)  has recently forayed into the UK market in partnership with KwikPay Limited.

Together, the two companies have launched a 360 degree Intelligent Vending Solution named Kwikve360-degreeically for the UK market,  where Vendekin is the Core Vending Technology provider, and KwikPay provides the Consumer Cashless Mobile Payment Solution.

The partnership and the solution were launched and showcased by Aroon Khatter and Neeraj Bhatia, the CEOs of Vendekin Technologies Inc. and Kwikpay Limited respectively, at this Premiere Vending Industry event for the UK- Vendex North 2017.

With Kwikvend, operators can quickly convert their existing cash and card machines to Intelligent Cashless Vending Machines of the future with virtually no downtime.

The plug-and-play solution is compatible with all pre-existing standard Payment Systems and Vending Management Software,  does not need internet connectivity at the machine to work, and does not require any machine overhauling in order to be deployed.

To know more, view the product brochure below:


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To know more about Kwikvend, the specific solution for the UK, visit:

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