A New Start, A New Way To Vend

The past year has been a big one for us. We’ve worked with 2 global giants, implementing successful commercial pilots for both. We have gotten recognition from industry stalwarts and we’re also in the process of acquiring contracts that will cover 30k+ vending machines worldwide! No small feat for a startup.

But, there’s always new ground to cover. As we have grown, so has the technology and the vending industry as a whole. Europe has seen a steady increase in intelligent vending, the Indian Railways have given vending a nod, and reports suggest that the industry is likely to grow by a CAGR of 38% by 2021 – the primary growth driver being cashless vending machines.

Change truly is the only constant. And, keeping pace with our ever-evolving industry, Convipay is set to undergo a transformation.

Convipay Inc, USA and Convipay Pvt Ltd, India will formally rename itself to Vendekin Technologies Inc. and Vendekin Technologies Private Limited, on the 5th of November, 2017.

Ekin is a Sanskrit word that means SIMPLE. We believe technology should make life easier, and Vendekin makes life easy for consumers, vending machine operators and brands through the integrated digital transformation of the entire vending ecosystem. This effort reflects our commitment to become THE leading global player in the Smart Vending Solutions space. The rebranding exercise also includes:

  •  The launch of a new website, which will also reveal the new CI;
  • Replacing the existing Convipay apps with the Vendekin Apps
  • Expansion into UK markets in partnership with Kwikpay

This isn’t merely a change in nomenclature – it’s the beginning of a new way to do business in the unattended retail space. Vendekin doesn’t just simplify – it comes with new features and technical improvements that will make the vending process smoother for all parties involved, the consumer, the distributor, and the brand. The seamless retail experience starts now!

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