Founded in 2016, Vendekin started off by building a simple mobile payment system for vending machines. It has quickly transformed into a global pioneer for unattended retail technology solutions.

Vendekin has provided its proprietary technology solutions to a rich depth of partners/customers. From customized private labelled technology solutions to large multinational companies to helping small vending operators digitize their business, Vendekin's solutions are reliable, flexible and agile.


With multiple patents in the US, UK, EU and India, Vendekin is at the forefront of innovation and development in the unattended retail industry.


By 2024, Vendekin will be the go-to digital platform for unattended retail, serving 5 million+ users and 50,000+ unmanned micro stores.



To digitize and democratize vending and unattended retail to transform lives!

Vending machine business

Vendekin Minds


Aroon Khatter

CEO & Founder

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Deepak Mehra.png

Deepak Mehra


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Ajit Nair.png

Ajit Nair


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Lakshmi Babhale-01.png

Lakshmi Babhale

HR Manager

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Habib Rajbar-01.png

Habib Rajbar

R&D Electronics

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Monika Kadhayte-01.png

Monika Khadayate

Finance Manager

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Apoorv Nene.png

Apoorv Nene

Customer Success

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Abhinav Soni-01.png

Abhinav Soni

Sales Head

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Board of Advisors

Vineet Nayyar.png

Vineet Nayyar

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C. P. Gurmani.png

C. P. Gurnani

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Charudatta Palwe.png

Charudatta Palwe

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M. N Srinath.png

M. N Srinath

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Pankaj Zanwar.png

Pankaj Zanwar

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