Vending at your

Vending at your

With digitisation at its core, Vendekin provides a unique solution for smooth & easy transactions between consumers and operators. Today, consumers are evolving towards a clear preference for secure, digital and mobile transactions. The Vendekin intelligent platform, coupled with the cashless payment app, delivers value on two fronts:

Vending channel management becomes more data-driven and efficient

Vending machine user experience becomes digital and touch-free

Another prominent aspect of our solution is real time data analytics to help brand outreach and cost optimization. The advent of the digital era has made the cash and card vending machines of the yesteryear obsolete. The era of smart, digital vending machines is here. The Vendekin solution overcomes the hurdles of the current vending ecosystem and provides seamless experiences for everyone alike – brands, operators and consumers.

For the Brand

Push Notifications

Promo and discount management

Product consumption analytics

Consumer Preferences Reports

Sales forecast and consumption based dynamic pricing

Supply chain management

For the Distributor/Operator

Inventory Management

Remote machine pricing management

Cash and cashless transactions consolidation

Route management

Guided Machine Refill

Monitor vending machine health proactively

For the Consumer

Automated Refunds

Mobile payment using multiple card/wallet options

Payment and transaction history